Statement of Intent

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Chalmers Properties is driven to grow its investment property portfolio through active acquisition, development and, at times, divestment to produce a diversified portfolio by property type and location.

With a vision to manage investment property holdings for long-term value gain, Chalmers Properties continues to improve asset values, rates of return and portfolio growth.


Chalmers Properties Values

Build long term relationships and partnerships with our clients. This is evidenced in the significant number of long-term leases.

  • Invest in quality locations and real estate
  • Assist and support redevelopment of the Dunedin Industrial Area
  • Support the growth and prosperity of Dunedin and the wider Otago Region.
  • Keep sustainability front of mind across development and redevelopment of properties.
  • Use sustainable building practices, minimise waste and recycle to minimise Chalmers Properties environmental footprint



Chalmers Properties are committed to sustainable development throughout the design and build process. Chalmers uses green building practices with an aim to reduce the environmental impact of developments. From installing LED lighting, to recycling demolition materials sustainability is a key concern.